[VIDEO] Om Lombard Relates His 12 Days In Police Cell

The international model was conditionally released this Monday, April 25 after spending 12 days in police cells in Moka Detention Centre.

Om Lombard says that we must “be strong to support” this test. He says doing a lot of sport in his cell, to keep fit. “J’en ai profité pour faire du sport 18 heures par jour dans une cellule de 7,2 mètres carrés . C’était d’ailleurs la cellule qu’avait occupée Navin Ramgoolam” after his arrest, he told Radio Plus after his release on bail.

Provisionally accused for drug trafficking, the supermodel of 43 years old had to give two sureties of Rs 20,000 and Rs 100,000 and sign an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 1 million to regain freedom after his appearance before the magistrate, Shefali Ganoo sitting in the Bail and Remand Court.

Watch what he has to say in the video below:

Om Lombard is believed to have imported and distributed food for birds containing gandia. This was following a raid in a pet shop in Curepipe on the 10th of April that the police reached the French model. The manager of this pet shop, Sadasiven Mooneyan, told the sleuths of the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) that the bird food mixed with gandia came to him from Om Lombard’s pet store in Grand Bay.

On Wednesday, April 13, the supermodel was arrested by the police. During a raid in Grand Baie, the drug squad officers seized 19 plastic bags, 20 Versele-Laga boxes of food for birds and a Versele-Laga plastic bag of 20kg. The ADSU suspect that these products contain cannabis seeds. The model was stopped and is subject to a provisional charge of “drug dealing: possession of cannabis seeds for the purpose of distribution.”


However, Om Lombard denies being a trafficker of cannabis. “It is the importer who will have to answer. I paid the price. I did not do anything and I feel free. I’m always calm and Zen,” he says.

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