Discovery Of An Underground Cave By British Archaeologists Linking Mauritius to Reunion Island.

During recent excavations in the south west of Mauritius, a group of researchers including Mauritian and British archaeologists and anthropologists in the presence of a slave village from the 16th century, made the most incredible discovery. This discovery has not yet been made public because the Mauritian government wants to study all political and geographic implications that raise risk.

Discovery Of Cave Linking Mauritius To Reunion Island

But one of the researchers, the British archaeologist Bruce Smith has released the news on his Twitter account and since then, people continues to talk about it. The National Geographic website had published a photo of the cave but had to withdraw it following the intervention by the Mauritian government. On the other hand in Reunion Island the lips are sealed and no one wants to comment on the news. The Mauritian press seems to wait for further evidence to publish the news about the discovery.


To recall, the two islands are of volcanic formation and underground galleries are common. But finding a cave linking two islands in the sea is very rare. Some are already thinking of the treasures of pirates and privateers that could be hidden in there!
Stay tuned!

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