Montagne Longue: A Teacher Charged For Stabbing Her Husband

A teacher allegedly assaulted her husband last Sunday evening, April 24, at their home in Vallée des Paradis, Montagne-Longue.

The 28 years old woman violently stabbed her husband in the back following a domestic dispute.

The victim was admitted to the ICU of a hospital in the North. His condition is considered stable and he’s recovering slowly.

As for the teacher, she was presented in court on Monday, 25th of April.


A graphic designer of 30 years old, living in Montagne-Longue, alleges that his wife of 28 years old stabbed him in the back last Sunday night. This happened after an argument concerning a loan deal ignited. The teacher was arrested afterwards.

The dispute between the spouses could have turned into a tragedy. Sanjay (pseudonym) was following a football game on television in his room last Sunday night and he went into the kitchen.

“Ma femme Sangeeta voulait contracter un prêt pour aider ses proches. Une dispute a éclaté entre nous. Dans un moment de colère, je l’ai giflée et elle est partie dans notre chambre,” said the husband to the police.

Sanjay says that at one point, his wife pick up a knife and stabbed him in the back. “Li finn dir mwa li pou admet moi lopital pou enn semen et ki so loan pou fini aprouv lerla,” he said to investigators. After the attack, Sanjay alerted his cousin who lives nearby and the latter took him to the nearby hospital. Since his condition was deemed serious, the husband was transferred to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses. He was admitted to the intensive care unit after surgery and on Monday, he was transferred to the a casualty room.

The husband was again questioned by investigators. “C’est la première fois qu’une querelle éclate entre ma femme et moi. Nous avons toujours été en bons termes et avons un fils de quatre ans. Depuis quelques jours, cette affaire de prêt pourrit nos relations. Je voulais lui expliquer toutes les procédures, mais cela a fini par une agression,” says the young man.


Arrested on Sunday night, the wife was kept in a police cell. Members of the Scene of Crime Office sealed the house and recovered the knife used in the attack.

Loan of Rs 1,058,000
On his hospital bed, Sanjay tells the Défi Quotidien that his wife wanted to borrow Rs 1.058 million to help his brother in the construction of his house. “J’ai déjà emprunté une somme de
Rs 1,7 million pour bâtir ma maison. Il me faut trouver Rs 18 000 pour régler la mensualité. Ce n’est pas une situation facile à vivre. J’ai tenté de raisonner ma femme. Je ne pensais pas qu’elle allait m’agresser à cause de cela…”

On Monday, before her appearance in court, Sangeeta was questioned by the police. She accepted the argument but denied the allegations made by her husband. She appeared in Pamplemousses court where she was charged with assault with intent. She had to provide a deposit of Rs 5000 to regain freedom.

Sangeeta reacted to the Défi Quotidien that what actually happened was the result of an accident. “J’épluchais des légumes dans la cuisine. Sanjay s’est pointé. Il m’a agressée. Pour éviter le pire, je me suis précipitée vers notre chambre. J’avais toujours le couteau en ma possession. Sanjay finn tourn mwa e li finn tap mwa enn koudpie. Lerla linn vire e linn al pik ar kouto la. Si mo ti ena lintansion pou pik li, mo ti pou fini pik li dan la kwizinn,” says the wife.

The survey conducted by the chief inspector, Juliette and is supervised by the Superintendent Gunga.

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