Safire: “Street Children Are Used To Monitor Cannabis Plantations.”

Edley Maurer, coordinator of the NGO service, training, integration and rehabilitation of children (Safire), reveals that some street children have to “work” by monitoring plantations of Cannabis. He filed a report before the Commission of the drug investigation on Monday, April 25.
“Some street children are exploited by drug traffickers. They are called to monitor large cannabis plantations in the forest,” said Maurer Edley to the President of the Commission, former judge of the Supreme Court, Paul Lam Shang Leen.

According to the coordinator of Safire, these street children leave for a month and return with money in their pockets. He revealed that out of 100 children that are exploited in the streets, 60 are related to drugs: “Drugs are rooted in the minds of young people. At least 6 in 10 use drugs and sell. The dealers hand their drugs in the morning and they sell during the day. These children have only one objective: to get money easily. Their dream: to have nice cars.”


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