Seven Years Of Prison For Burning His Father Alive

The verdict of Feizal Durbarree, 31 of age, was pronounced on Tuesday, 26th of April at the intermediate court and the latter was sentenced to seven years in prison. He was convicted by the magistrate, Azam Neerooa for burning his father, Ajam Durbarree.

Feizal Durbarree, living in Bon-Accueil, was subject to a charge of assault causing death without intention to kill. In December 10, 2008, he had burned his father at home. Missing working tools are the cause of this tragic act and he had pleaded not guilty.

In his judgment, the magistrate Nerroa Azam stresses that the accused had confessed to police. “The accused deliberately committed this act,” suggests the magistrate highlighting the seriousness of the offense.

Feizal Durbarree admitted in his statement to the police to have tied the hands and feet of his father with a “horni” while he was lying on his bed. He then asked his father about his tools that he could not find, but he did not answer his questions. He began to slap his father who responded with insults to his son.


The accused had told investigators that he wanted to scare his father. In fact, he said that he spread “perfume” on the mattress on which his father was laying, fists and feet tied. He then used his lighter to set fire to the mattress. The fire spread up to the legs of the victim then up to his pants. The old man became a prisoner of the flames and was burnt alive.

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