1st May Meeting : The Slogan For A Unique Flag Of Lepep Alliance

The goal: to ensure better coordination between members of the Mouvement socialiste militant (MSM), the Parti mauricien social-démocrate (PMSD) and Muvman Liberater (ML). For this, a committee comprising members of the three parties was formed. The watchword was already given to a single flag, a tricolor including orange for MSM, blue for the PMSD and white for the ML, that will be displayed for the gathering of the alliance Lepep on the 1st May in Vacoas. Therefore, it will be a unique flag of its genre that will not be representing the parties only.

On veut retrouver cette cohésion entre les différents partis qui a été notre grande force aux élections de décembre 2014», revealed one member from the committee on Monday, April 25. «Les instructions lors de la réunion du comité d’organisation samedi dernier étaient de faire passer le mot à nos partisans afin qu’ils aient les couleurs de l’alliance mais cela n’empêche pas ceux qui viennent par leurs propres moyens de porter la couleur du parti auquel ils adhèrent,” says another source to L’Express.
In preparation for this meeting since Monday, April 25, posters are being put throughout the country. Four speakers are on the list, either Sir Anerood Jugnauth, the leader of the MSM Pravin Jugnauth, the leader of PMSD Xavier-Luc Duval and the ML leader Ivan Collendavelloo. The meeting will be chaired by Showkutally Soodhun. It is most probable that two women will be on the list of speakers, in all likelihood, Leela Devi-Dookun Luchoomun and Aurore Perraud.


At the regional level, they are also mobilizing. That is, each regional will provide transport facilities. For example, 20 buses will be made available to supporters of the Lepep alliance in constituency No. 16.

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