A Prostitute Busted In Grand Bay: “Je Vends Mes Charmes Pour Nourrir Mes Cinq Enfants”

A resident of Pailles, aged 34, was arrested last Sunday evening by the Grand Bay police. She approached a driver to offer her services …her charm. The 34 years old man was also arrested after the alleged prostitute accused him of theft.

She did not draw any lessons from the past. Jolina Marie M. has already been convicted in the past for soliciting people for immoral acts. This mother was looking for “clients” on Sunday night in the Grand Bay area at around 23 h 30 when she entices a customer, a driver of 34 years old.

“Mo pe tras enn lavi la …” launched Jolina Marie to Aiven M. The driver asked her the cost of the pass and the sex worker allegedly replied: “Rs 500 for sex.” The driver refuses as he did not have that much money on him. A few seconds later, he snatched the bag of the alleged prostitute and drove away. The latter immediately visited the Grand Bay police station to file a complaint.

Mr. Aiven was then stopped and police recovered the bag. An iron bar and a piece of wood were found in his car. Aiven said that they serve to protect him from any unexpected dangers. Moreeover, he confessed that Jolina approached him to offer him sexual services.


The woman has also been arrested. She told investigators that she tried to sell her charms to the driver, who refused to pay for the service. “I have no work, I devote myself to the oldest profession in the world to feed my five children. I tried to get a job, but in vain. People ask me the skills that I do not have. It does not make me happy to do this job, but I have no choice, because I have to find a way to provide food for my children. Mo pa anvi mo ban zanfan pass mizerr,” she added.

After their interrogation, Jolina Marie M. and M. Aiven were both detained. They appeared in Pamplemousses court on Monday for their indictment. Two provisional charges including “bearing offensive weapon” and theft were brought against Mr Aiven. For “bearing offensive weapon”, Aiven had to pay a fee of Rs 650 and provide a deposit of Rs 5 000. Jolina M. was charged with “male solliciting for immoral purpose” and fined Rs 3,000.

The investigation is supervised by the ACP and the SP Domah Gunga.

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