1st Of May: Young People Want To Become Involved Into “enn nouvo politik”

They want more democracy and provide a space for youth who want to engage in politics. It is for this purpose that a group led by Nicolas Frichot will gather at the Municipality of Quatre Bornes, May 1st.

Nicolas Frichot, a founding member of the movement, said: “In the traditional parties, only the leaders and members are speakers at political meetings. No chance for young people to express themselves.” He was a supporter of the PTr party for 4 years and after his resignation he now wants to “create a platform” for youth to “take a stand on various hot topics” and express themselves freely.

The program on May 1 as from 9 am: musical entertainment and dancing, followed by eight speakers, who will comment on different topics: politics, social issues, public health, among others.

How young people who are  starting out will fund this type of gathering? This will be possible by soliciting the public in general, Nicolas Frichot advanced. The minimum cost is Rs 20,000, he says.

Preparations for the rally began just a few weeks ago. Meetings of members of the movement, door-to-door operations, reaching young people via social networks and making videos were all in the agenda… The Think Mauritius group, said Nicolas Frichot, acts as a mentor for the organization of this event. They do not intend to stop there.

Nicolas Frichot was an active member of the Labour Party (PTr) for four years before submitting his resignation. He points to the fact that for some time, nothing is done by the red in terms of proximity policy.


Hence the resolution of our interlocutor is to make a different operating mode. After the rally of May 1st, he and his colleagues will build a political party and invest in all districts of the island. This alternative party says Nicolas Frichot, will have a collective leadership and will participate in the next general elections.

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