At The Parliament On Tuesday: Altercation Between Paul Berenger And Roshi Badain

The parliament held on Tuesday witnessed a virulent altercation between Paul Bérenger and Roshi Bhadain following a question about the BAI case. MPs reminisce these moments of tension.

“It was a total mess,” says Chief Whip Mahen Jhugroo, confirming that the two protagonists of the Bérenger-Bhadain altercation were carried away. They invited each other to leave the Chamber. The incidents occurred during a response from the Minister of Good Governance, Roshi Bhadain concerning an interpellation of Aadil Ameer MEEA about the National Insurance Company (NIC). Paul Berenger asked that the evaluation report of the company (that Roshi Bhadain estimated at Rs 5, 6 billion) is “Tabled” to know the exact value of the NIC.

Tomb Dehor
The situation then escalated, Paul Bérenger explicitly showing his annoyance against the minister. The opposition leader and Roshi Bhadain both launched invectives, each inviting the other to “Tomb deor” and the leader of the opposition replied “mo pa enn lass, vini! ”
Aadil Ameer MEEA believes that it is the attitude and responses of Roshi Bhadain that caused irritation and the invectives from the leader of the MMM. For his part, the deputy Bobby Hurreeram, he confirmed that Paul Bérenger and Roshi Bhadhain mutually provoked each other.


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