Shameful Act On Patient At Candos – A Doctor Acquitted

A doctor, aged 52, was cleared by the magistrate Azam Neerooa, serving Intermediate Court. He was accused of molesting a patient.

The judge pointed out that there are several contradictions in the version of the complainant.

The doctor, who practices at the Victoria Hospital in Candos had categorically denied the allegations against him. The crime took place on March 19, 2010 in the doctor’s office. According to the complainant, the doctor asked her to close the door of the cabinet because he had to check her legs. He would then asked her to undress before squeezing her left breast and put his other hand on her private parts. She claims to have expressed her embarrassment to the doctor, saying he behaved indecently. The complainant says she was seized with fear and shocked, she left the office and alerted her father. The latter informed the doctor that he would report the matter to the police.

The doctor, meanwhile, explained that he had placed his stethoscope on the heart of the patient without having asked her tp undress and he asked her to wear large clothes to facilitate consultations in the future.

In his judgment, the magistrate pointed out that there are discrepancies in the version of the complainant. She did not provide clear explanations regarding the doctor’s hands position on her body and if he squeezed her breast or simply placed his hands on it. The complainant added that she do not remember the details, because five years have passed since the incident.


The Court also concluded that there are contradictions between the version of the complainant and that of his father. If the girl had said that she was out of the office to inform her father of the incident, the latter, for his part, maintained that he entered the room after hearing her daughter crying. The Court believes that the versions are not reliable. Hence the acquittal of the doctor was given.

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