[Video] Press: Le Matinal Sealed

Il nous a dit qu’il comptait voir le déroulement des opérations et d’ici une semaine, il prendrait une décision.” But according to a former employees of Le Matinal, in existence since 2004, the administrator Sattar Hajee Abdoula reneged. Indeed, on Tuesday, April 26, the one who had the responsibility to find funds to pay salary arrears of the employees has put the newspaper company under seal.

Around 11 am last Tuesday, Sattar Hajee Abdoula, who took charge of the company in red alert since last Thursday, announced his decision to the employees. That is to say, to seal the company. “The administrator has asked us to leave without causing any trouble,” says one journalist.

Watch video below:

While some have decided to return home, others preferred to stay in the yard of the company, based in La Tour-Koenig, for explanations. Police from Petite Riviere has also been mended to the scene to evacuate the opponents.

Reassembled, they did not hesitate to make their voices heard. “I have responsibilities, loans to pay,” insists Jayen, employee of the printing department of the newspaper for 12 years. Others argue, for their part, that the newspaper was forced to cease operations due to poor management of the new management.


“We got no wages for six months. We have children to feed, commitments to respect and it is now that the company management reacts to the company’s closure? When we asked our salaries, we were entitled to payments of Rs 1 000. Eski mo pou kapav roul mo lakaz ek Rs 1 000?” said a mother.

When asked about this decision, the administrator Sattar Hajee Abdoula indicates that the company has too much debt. “It’s unfortunate, but many companies are in the red,” he told L’Express. And to clarify that it was virtually impossible to manage the affairs of the company in such conditions.

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