Lightning And Thunderstorms: This Phenomenon Appears After 124 Years In Mauritius

The appearance of spectacular lightning on Thursday night April 28, accompanied by thunderstorms, caused major power outages across the country.

The Central Electricity Board (CEB) estimates that 10,000 homes were plunged into darkness in the early evening. In many cases, the affected homes were without electricity for nearly an hour. CEB technicians were at work until very late on Thursday night, April 28 in order to bring the situation back to normal.

It is mainly the regions of Beau-Bassin, Maingard, Chebel, Coromandel, and part of Rose Hill, which were affected by power cuts that were caused by thunderstorms and lightning in the early evening.

Moreover, a feeder of the CEB, located in the region of FUEL, was also devastated by this weather phenomenon.

According to a statement issued at 19 h 30 by the weather station of Vacoas, they explained the rare phenomenon because of atmospheric instability.

The Vacoas station did not exclude the fact that lightning can fall on overhead structures. It was strongly advised to the public to take precautions and to seek shelter.

Forecasters have developed some practical advice, especially to remain careful on the road because of misty pockets. Fishing trips are discouraged and not adviced. The public is also advised not to shelter under trees.


This phenomenon, according to the explanations of Edley Michaud, a member of the Mauritius Meteorological Society which exists since 1851, appeared in Mauritius after 124 years.

Edley Michaud maintains that 124 years ago, Mauritius had witnessed the Black Friday, causing the death of 1100 people.

“A cyclone of high intensity had fallen on Mauritius. And on the eve of the cyclone, the same phenomenon occurred with the appearance of lightning and thunderstorms during long hours,” says Edley Michaud.

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