SAJ: “Dir marsan anbilan anvolé”

Sir Anerood Jugnauth attended the laying of the foundation stone of Plaisance City on Thursday, April 28. Asked on the issue of street vendors at the end of the ceremony, the Prime Minister launched these few words: “Dir marsan anbilan anvolé!” Several hawkers are waiting for the plan of concerned authorities and several of them were arrested in Port Louis recently for illegal assembly.

The Prime Minister was also invited to comment on the criticisms of the projects of smart cities, he said that “mo fer seki mo pensé bon.” Regarding Plaisance City, he talked about a project “pioneering, set to become a benchmark for sustainable development.” Emphasis will be given as well to green energy. “Developers promise futuristic buildings,” Sir Anerood Jugnauth said.

Furthermore, 10% of the construction work will be allocated to small entrepreneurs, said Sir Anerood Jugnauth. As for the second phase of the project, it will tackle the issue of housing difficulties for the middle class, he said. “My government will continue to encourage such developments.”


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