[Union Park] Near His House: A Police Officer Surprises A Couple In Full Actions

He never expected to witness such a scene on April 20. A policeman, an inhabitant of Union Park, surprised a couple in full action in a car.

It was parked in a private road belonging to the officer and his family. The couple was arrested after.

The policeman, who has been a victim of theft in the past, had to install surveillance cameras in his yard. It was around 20: 30 pm on April 20, when he saw a car that entered the private lane at the end of which there’s a sugar cane field.

Believing to deal with thieves, the police officer pulled his car to use it to block the only access onto the road. He then informed his colleagues and members of the Emergency Response Service who went on spot.

The policeman and his colleagues approached the car where they discovered that the occupants were naked. The two youths were  then arrested, before being allowed to return home.


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