Double Murder Camp De Masque Pave – Tavish: “I Intended To Marry Yeshna On That Day”

Tavish A., 17, who confessed on the double murder of Mare aux Goyaves, Camp de Masque-Pavé on February 26, gave a full statement in the premises of the MCIT. In the presence of his lawyer, Hurnath, he described in great detail the drama that happened on that day.

Indeed he developed a plan before going to the house of Yeshna on Friday, 26th of February. This is what was reported to investigators by the 17 years old boy who fatally stabbed Rughoobin Reshma (54) and his granddaughter Yeshna (14). But the plan did not work as he had expected. “Mon plan, c’était de négocier mon mariage avec Yeshna. Je devais l’épouser en lui mettant du sindoor sur la tête, car je ne pouvais vivre sans elle. J’allais lui confier mes sentiments pour elle. Yeshna était la première fille de ma vie. Mon but, c’était de l’épouser. Je ne voulais pas la voir avec un autre,” said Tavish in his testimony.

“Le jour du drame, j’avais apporté un cutter et un rouleau de bande adhésive. J’avais décidé de ligoter la grand-mère Reshma pour exercer du chantage, au cas où elle ne m’obéirait pas. Le cutter, c’était pour faire peur à Yeshna. Si li ti pou fer rezistans ek refiz mwa, mo ti pou pik li ek swisid mwa,” he added in his testimony. Unfortunately, his plan took another turn on the tragic day.

Reshma Rughoobin assaulted him with a knife on the leg and in a moment of anger, he stabbed her. “Mo pa kone ki finn pas dan mo latet e mo’nn pik madam Reshma. J’étais paniqué lorsque Yuvi est rentré à la maison, après l’école, et je lui ai donné un coup de poignard également. J’ai aussi agressé Yeshna et elle a perdu la vie. ”

“No life without her”
In the presence of his lawyer, Hurnath, Tavish admitted to detectives that he regrets what he did. “J’ai des remords et je présente mes excuses à la famille Rughoobin,” he says in his testimony. “Since last December, I started to have feelings for Yeshna, I could not live without her. I have not revealed this to her mother because I feared her reaction. At night I could not sleep, I had to buy sleeping pills to find sleep. I loved Yeshna, I wanted to marry her. Tou kalite panse ti pe fatig mo latet. Bien que j’aie éprouvé des sentiments pour elle, je ne pouvais rien lui dire, car je crois que j’ai ressenti un complexe d’infériorité vis-à-vis d’elle. Sitan mo latet ti pe fatige, mo ti desid marye li le 26 fevriye ,” he added.

Asha: “So exkiz pa pou rann mwa mo tifi ek mo belmer”

Asha Rughoobin, Yeshna’s mother, told the Défi Plus that she will never forgive Tavish, although he apologized. “So exkiz pa pou rann mwa mo tifi e mo belmer. We are still in shock since we lost them two months ago. Sometimes my son feels very alone. He misses his sister a lot. Tavish is not aware of the difficult time we’re going through. Whenever I visit my father-in-law, memories of my daughter and my mother-in-law resurface. Every corner of the house reminds me of my daughter, the good times together, and my tears flow. My life is only filled with sadness, and I am full of anger at the same time,” she said. “I pray to God that we do justice to all this suffering that we will never forget.”

Yuvi allowed to travel
“Yuvi received his medical reports and doctors have allowed him to travel,” said her mother Asha. “My husband and I are undertaking steps for our son to get his visa. Once the steps are completed, we will leave the country to establish in Australia. ”
At Camp de Masque-Pavé “Dimounn ankor ankoler”
Ashwin, 34 years-old resident of Camp de Masque-Pavé says to the Defi Quotidien that this tragedy is still fresh in the memory of the villagers. “Although two months have passed since this heinous crime, I keep thinking about it. The sister-in-law of Reshma Rughoobin remains traumatized by the murders. She cries every day. It’s very sad to see her in this state. Dimounn ankor an koler kan koz sa krim-la…Ena ousi finn bliye.”


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