[Petit Verger, St Pierre] – Murder at St-Pierre: A Man Murdered And Mutilated

According to the autopsy, Didier Armel, 48, was found dead in Petit-Verger, St-Pierre on Sunday morning, May 1, and died of exsanguination and a fractured skull. He suffered several wounds caused by knife and had severed private parts mutilated…

The examination was performed by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the forensic department of the police yesterday. A strong police mobilization was seen earlier in Petit-Verger. Police favors a murder thesis at this stage of the investigation.

Didier Armel died in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The local man was found lying inert in his yard.

The cause of the murder of the victim and his private parts mutilated is still unknown.  The brother of the victim, Dario Armel is still thinking on what could have happened. “Je ne sais même pas quand il a quitté la maison,” he said.