Price Of Vegetables: Possible Increase Of 10 To 15 Percent This Week

After the recent heavy rains around the island last week, the Small Planters Association will establish a new stock this week.

Result: vegetable prices are expected to rise from 10% to 15% in the coming days.

It is mainly the farmers of East and South who have suffered significant losses. In other parts of the island, there was no major damage, revealed Kreepalloo Sunghoon, secretary of the Small Planters Association. “We were informed that due to storms, cucumbers and watermelons were affected. Moreover, vegetables were partially destroyed by the floods,” he argues.

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The shortage of vegetables in general will lead to higher prices. According to the farmers, the increases range from 10% to 15%. Iran Ramjane, a planter in the Northern Region, finds no damage caused in his vegetable crops. However, he said that the effects will be felt within two weeks. He added that the price increase will not be evitable in two weeks. “Actuellement, nous avons une pénurie des légumes fins tels que le thym et la menthe,” he said.

Kreepalloo Sunghoon also points out that the price increase is also associated to the end of months. “Normalement, en fin de mois, la demande pour tous les produits de consommation, y compris les légumes, est plus élevée, Qui dit hausse de la demande, dit hausse des prix,” he says.


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