Quatre-Bornes: Drunk, He Assaulted His Two Young Children


He is accused of molesting his two children, a two years old daughter and nine months old son. Karan Boodhun, a mechanic residing Quatre-Bornes, was arrested on Tuesday morning at his home. He appeared in court in Rose Hill where a provisional charge of child ill-treatment under the Child Protection Act was brought against him. It is held in police custody.

According to Pavate Bappoo, the partner of Karan Boodhun, said that the latter was under the influence of alcohol when he returned home. He was in an angry mood thinking that his daughter does not love him. He started slapping the little girl followed by inflicting blows with a belt. The mother, aged 29, added that Karan Boodhun came out of the house and then returned with a PVC pipe to attack the child.

The baby meanwhile woke up and received blows as well. His father hit him in the face with a pair of slippers before depositing him in a garbage bin outside the house. Pavate Bappoo, who has an older son, aged four, says she tried to protect her children but in vain.

The mother of the family went to the Victoria Hospital in Candos, with her two children injured that night. They were admitted in the pediatric ward. The police and the Child Development Unit of the Ministry of Equality of Gender and Child Development were immediately alerted.

In her testimony, Pavate Bappoo told the police that she “has been living a hell” whenever Karan Boodhun is under the influence of alcohol. This is not the first time that her partner, with whom she has been living for six years, assaulted her children. Previously, her partner was inflicting light blows to her children but that night, he exceeded his limits.

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