According To A Former Inmate, The Best Drugs Are Available In Certain Prisons


Four people filed a statement on Wednesday afternoon, May 4 before the commission of inquiry into drugs chaired by former judge Paul Lam Shang Leen.

They called for the legalization or decriminalization of cannabis to reduce the consumption of synthetic drugs, and cited several places, including La Tour Koenig, Vallée-Pitot, Pointe-aux-Sables, where traffickers are active.

A former inmate of Beau-Bassin revealed that drug trafficking in some prisons is consequent, and it is in prison that we find the best drugs; denouncing the havoc caused by this drug trafficking.

In exchange for some money, the prisoners procure different drugs, according to a former detainee who claims the intervention of religious leaders to raise awareness about the harm of drugs.

A driver, who also testified before the inquiry, calls for decriminalization, not legalization of cannabis; the aim is to determine its effectiveness.

Another depositor lingered too on the same subject. He is convinced that if the consumption of Marijuana becomes legal, the consumption of synthetic drugs will decrease considerably. Meanwhile, he proposes a review of the laws on cannabis possession which he believes are “too severe.”

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