Roches Noires Case: 90 Hours Of Community Work For Rakesh Gooljaury

The Probation Office has delivered its report after a social investigation on Rakesh Gooljaury. At the Intermediate court on Wednesday, 4th of May the magistrate Renuka Dabee has indicated that the businessman who has a charge of “Effecting public mischief” as part of the Roches Noires case will perform works for the general interest (community work). He will spend 90 hours at the Probation Boys Hostel in Curepipe.

This work will be performed from 10:00AM to 12:00PM as from 25th of May on Wednesdays and Fridays. He will work until the 9th of November until his next case appearance.

On 18th of April, Rakesh Gooljaury was sentenced to three months in prison in the intermediate court after he had pleaded guilty in the case.

Rakesh Gooljaury will also be called as a witness for the prosecution in the trial that will be brought against former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, Rampersad Sooroojebally, former Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) and Dev Jokhoo, DCP, in the same case. The three will be prosecuted on a charge of “conspiracy to do an unlawful act derived, namely Effecting public mischief in breach of section 109 of the Criminal Code (Supplementary) Act coupled with section 298 of the Criminal Code.” And earlier this week, all pleaded not guilty.

“I had no choice and had to accept”
Initially, Rakesh Gooljaury had told the police that he was alone in a new statement on the burglary that occurred on July 3, 2011 at the bungalow of Navin Ramgoolam in Roches Noires. He later retracted and said he acted like this for the sake of his friendship with the former prime minister.

Reflecting on that night, in court, he explained that it was Nandanee Soornack who had contacted him after he left a party that was organized at the bungalow

He found Navin Ramgoolam, tousled, shirt unbuttoned and even with an injury to the body after he returned to the scene. “Li ti pé paret sifoné ek koumadir linn gagn enn sok. Linn rakonté ki enn voler finn atak li ek Nandanee Soornack,” said the businessman.

The police were alerted and he gave evidence to the Deputy Commissioners of Police, Rampersad Sooroojebally and Dev Jokhoo. He then had to become the victim after Navin Ramgoolam asked him to “pren sarz”. In his first statement, made on 3 July 2011 at the police, he claimed to have been attacked by a thief and that he had to provide Rs 20,000 for him to go away.

Je n’avais pas le choix et j’ai dû accepter. C’était parce que Navin Ramgoolam était mon ami et je me trouvais en face d’hommes puissants», said the owner of Fashion Style.  «Cette première déposition était fausse car ce sont Nandanee Soornack et Navin Ramgoolam, que je connais depuis 12 ans, qui étaient victimes de ce vol. Je suis revenu sur ma version des faits car cela m’a rongé pendant quatre ans,” he added.