Theft At A Centenary: Unemployed, Adarsh Stole Jewelry And Money


He could not resist the temptation. Adarsh D., 20, inhabitant of Goodlands, broke into the home of his great-grandmother, aged 100 back in April. The young man had taken away jewelry worth Rs 100 000 and he was arrested early on Wednesday, May 4.

Sweta (pseudonym), 60 years old, the daughter of the centenary, reported this case to the police of Goodlands. The incident occurred on April 24 and according to the sixties, she accompanied her mother to a close relative who lives in a village in the east. On their return at 4PM, they discovered that one of the windows of the house had been opened with force and the rooms were a mess. Clothes were scattered on the bed and the doors of the wardrobe was opened. They soon realized that they had been victims of a burglary.

The old lady and her daughter then checked the wardrobe where they kept money and jewelry but unfortunately, they were not in their place.

Mother and daughter immediately went to the police station to make a statement. At that moment, they could not think of someone close to be the author of the burglary.

During their investigation, the Goodlands criminal police learnt that the grand-son of the victim previously committed a theft at another relative’s place. Indeed, he was arrested for stealing Rs 2300 from one of his uncles.

The sergeants Ramasawmy and Krishna Nair immediately suspect the young man and they organised an operation to catch the suspect early in the morning of Wednesday. The exercise paid off.

John Malick Clovino L., 19, and Christopher C., 18, both suspected on committing a theft on the 30th of April were arrested. Their booty amounted to Rs 200,000.

Taken to the office of the Criminal Investigation Division, Adarsh D. confessed. “Je ne travaille pas et j’avais besoin d’argent,” he said to justify. He adds that he entrusted the jewels to a man named Girish L., 28 of age for resale. Police also arrested the dealer and they recovered the jewelry of Sweta and the centenary.

Adarsh D. has appeared in court of Pamplemousses on Wednesday afternoon under a provisional charge of burglary. The police objected to his release on bail. Girish L. answered a provisional charge of receiving stolen goods, while the other two youths have also been provisionally charged with theft.

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