This Bodybuilder Died Of Cancer … Because Of Energy Drinks!

Sport is health ! It is important to be well in our head and our body. Having a muscular body makes you more resistant to disease and you can enjoy things at 100%. But it is not an excuse to search for the best performance at all costs, and start taking a lot of products to be even stronger, more muscular, more dry, etc.

Most bodybuilders are looking to be bulky and dry. So they abuse food rich in protein and with the least amount of fat. To conserve energy, they tend to abuse of energy drinks (when it is not more serious products). Despite knowing the facts that these energy drinks are harmful for our health, we consume them..

This is what the Englishman, Dean Wharmby learned to his cost. The bodybuilder has followed a strict diet for 20 years but it was excessive during the last 5-6 years of his life.

To keep his muscular body like he loved it, he did the day long exercise, and consumed 10,000 calories a day! To maintain this pace, he ate every two hours, chicken, eggs, fish, burgers, pizza … He also drank a lot of energy drinks and sometimes consumed 8 to 9 cans per day.

 Bodybuilding And Energy Drinks Caused Cancer

In November 2014, Dean was shocked to learn that he is suffering from liver cancer. The tumor is 7 centimeters long and doctors said that he will not survive for more than three weeks. His world collapsed after hearing the news.

After a lot of thinking, he realized that his hyper-protein diet and excessive consumption of energy drinks were the main cause for his cancer.

He also revealed to the Daily Mail:

I can not say whether my diet is responsible for my disease, but stuff like energy drinks have certainly contributed to its development. It is a combination of bad practices that caused my cancer.

He immediately stopped his regime and warned about the dangers of energy drinks on Facebook.

Positive and combative, Dean is more resilient to the disease than expected. His wife Charlotte and daughter Scarlett helped him in his battle.



Cancer From Energy Drinks

The latest photos he shared of him are shocking. The former bodybuilder has lost muscle mass, he appears emaciated and weakened. On 11 July, after 8 months of struggle, he died in the arms of his wife.

One can only salute his determination and his willingness to share his story, so no one makes the same mistakes as him. If you also have some fear for relatives, show them this story …

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