[Video] Port Louis: Clash Between Police And Rastafarians

The tension was palpable in front of the central Barracks this Friday, May 6. Members of the Rastafarian community who were first at the Jardin de la Compagnie, gathered to demand, among other things, the legalization of cannabis. However, the situation quickly escalated to a clash between them and the police.

Watch video below:


A dozen people were arrested by the police and were taken for interrogation by members of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit. According to the head of the Police Press Office, the sergeant Coothen Shiva, a handful of cannabis was found on one of those arrested. “La police a dû faire usage de gaz lacrymogène pour ramener l’ordre. Les rastas faisaient de la résistance face aux policiers,” he said.

Eight of those arrested were released on words. Three others are still being questioned.

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