[Port Louis] – Rastas Released On Bail

Rastas arrested yesterday under the charge of Obstructing Public Road, were released on bail today, Saturday 7th of May. It is a spiritual gathering that is behind these arrests. Members of the Rastafarian community had gathered at the ‘jardin de la compagnie’ and the situation escalated soon after when police took several rastas to the Central Barracks.

The accused went before the magistrate Meenakshee Bhogun- Ramjutton at the Bail and Remand Court this morning. Three of them – Alan Puthiya, Anastasia St Mart and Jessica Fauvrelle – were released against a bail of Rs 5000 and an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 30,000 each.

Five other Rastafarians – Jacob Sagor, Aldo Augustine, Gregory Auriant, Pascale Sérieuse and Siva Pareemanum – will have to pay a deposit of Rs 6000 and an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 50,000 each. The eight defendants must pay the amount of the bail latest on Monday. They must also meet certain conditions including the prohibition to leave the country and to report weekly to the nearest police station.

The other three people on whom weighs a charge of possession of cannabis remain on parole until Monday.

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