“Arbitrary” Arrest: Ish Sookun Claiming Rs 50 Million To The State And CP


Ish Sookun, Linux System Administrator at Le Sentinel counter attacks. He jointly and severally is claiming damages of Rs 50 million to the State Police Commissioner (CP), the ACP Heman Jangi, the ASP Dawoodarry, surveyor Robin Bundhoo and the Director of Public Prosecutions for arbitrary arrest. He maintains that he was humiliated and his reputation was tarnished in the public eye.

He states in his notice, written by Me Luvi Mootoosamy, in which he confessed that the police conducted a search at his home in Providence, Quartier Militaire and moreover, he states that they prohibited him from contacting his lawyer.

Ish Sookun said that the police accused him of being involved in terrorist acts. He said he was shocked by the actions of the latter. Moreover, he says he was humiliated by the way the police arrested him in the presence of neighbors and members of the public.

An interim charge under the Prevention of Terrorism Act was lodged against him on January 24, 2016. However, it was removed thereafter. Ish Sookun retained the services of Mr. Sanjeev Teeluckdharry and Mr. Erickson Mooneapillay.

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