[Petit Cabane] A Mason Injured After A Block Fell On His Hand

Sanjeev *, 43 of age and living at Camp De Masque, was badly injured on his left hand after mishandling a block on Saturday morning, May 7 at work in Petite Cabane. In his testimony to a source, he said he was assigned the task to shift about 200 blocks from one place to another. After 2 hours of continuous work, he started to feel tired but had to complete his quota before noon. After shifting about 100 blocks at around 10 AM, the incident occurred.

Prior to the incident, he honestly asked his employee for a small break of 10 minutes because he started to feel pain in his arms. His employee raised his voice and said, “Non, pa pou kapav atan la, batte sa vite vite paski midi fini aprer to pren to break”.

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Petit Cabane Mason Injured

Sanjeev, depressed and under work pressure, continued to lift the blocks and unfortunately, the incident happened just after lifting his second block that fell from a height of about of 1 meters on his left hand. He shouted out of pain and his coworkers rushed to the scene to notice that a block fell heavily on his left hand.

The damage was already caused when they lifted the block to notice a pool of blood covering his hand. The mason was quickly rushed to the nearby hospital at Flacq. Arriving there, he received care by the medical staff. Sanjeev was lucky on that day, says the doctor who is monitoring his condition at the hospital.

One of Sanjeev’s friend said that they requested for special gloves from their employee on that day but he refused to help. “Mo bien sagrin pou li et li ene dimoune ki contan travay et tou letan li vine so travay mai azordi cki finn ariV avec li kapav ariv nimport kisanla dan travay,” revealed his friend who accompanied him to the hospital.

* (fictitious name)


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