Rastafarian: “SAJ doit s’excuser…”

«Tant que le Premier ministre dira qu’on ne peut fumer du gandia, cela voudra dire que nous sommes en situation illégale. Nous nous servons du gandia pour nos rituels.» Members of the Rastafarian community have come together in the office of the lawyer Rama Valayden on Monday, May 9 where they held a press conference to comment on the events in Port Louis. Furthermore, rastas was arrested and clashes took place with the police.

Nous sommes catégoriques, il n’y a pas eu de violence de notre part. Nous étions en train de prier, c’était pacifique,” said Sebastian. Those present at the office of Rama Valayden believe that the Prime Minister should “apologize to the people” including his remarks made on Saturday. Sir Anerood Jugnauth had specifically stated that “as long as he will be prime minister, there will be no decriminalization of Gandia” and that the police “did its job facing a hostile crowd.”


“We are not criminals, we are human beings. We advocate tolerance,” said Siva Pareemanum. The members of the Rastafarian community, however, do not intend to give up. A peaceful march is planned and letters will be sent to the police commissioner, among others.

“On Friday, we asked the Prime Minister through a letter, to recognize the rastas. We are victims.”

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