Revenge Between Schoolgirls Of Rose Belle: Beaten In The Streets, One Teen Admitted To The Hospital

A 13-years-old girl attending school in Rose-Belle, was attacked by other schoolgirls on Tuesday, April 26. The girl had a seizure and was injured prior to being hospitalized.

As usual, Trista (*) had left home very early on Tuesday to go to college. “Usually, the school ends at 2:20 PM,” says Catherine (*), her mother.

After classes, Trista was accompanied by a friend to the bus stop. “Avec six amies, nous nous sommes rendues près de la Barclays Bank. Nous attendions qu’elle monte dans le bus pour partir,” recalls the schoolgirl in prevoc.

A group of schoolgirls came shortly after. “Elles étaient une vingtaine, issues d’un autre collège,” says Trista. It was more than enough for the situation to escalate.

Dispute For a boy
“L’une des filles a commencé à se disputer avec mon amie au sujet d’un garçon. Le ton est vite monté. Une des filles a ouvert son sac et en a retiré un canif. En les voyant agresser mon amie, je me suis interposée,” says Trista. Soon there were blows flying.

“Certaines filles m’ont roué de coups, d’autres s’en prenaient à mes amies. Je me suis écroulée, et alors qu’elles me frappaient, j’ai fait une crise,” she recalls. She returned to her soon after. “Quand j’ai repris connaissance, la police et d’autres personnes étaient présentes.” The girl was rushed to the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital. Having a broken rib, she was admitted. It was on her hospital bed that she recorded her statement.


The announcement of the attack was a shock to Catherine. The mother of three girls was waiting for her youngest girl when a policeman informed her about her. ” Il a déclaré que ma fille s’était blessée et que je devais me rendre à l’hôpital. J’ai été choquée.” She denounced the behavior of the girls. “Trista n’a jamais eu de problème. Je l’ai envoyée au collège et c’est sur un lit d’hôpital que je la retrouve,” she said, disgusted. After two days in the hospital, her daughter returned home on the 28th of April. She gave her full statement the next day to the officers from the Child Development Unit.

Rose-Belle police are investigating into the attack. They will interrogate the girl to confirm the identity of the perpetrators of the attack.

(*) The names are fictitious

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