[Bramsthan] Centre De Flacq: Road Under Water For 15 Days

The people of Riche-Mare Road, Bramsthan at Centre de Flacq, denounce an accumulation of water, and this has been the case for a fortnight.

Many complaints were filed in Flacq District Council but nothing has been done so far. This standing water, according to one resident, is a source of inconvenience. The people are no longer able to travel to get to their workplace. It is the same ordeal every day for school children. “Nous sommes contraints de les porter jusqu’à la rue principale pour qu’ils puissent se rendre à l’école,” says a mother bitterly.

Solicited, Oumesh Rajkumarsing announced that no complaint in this regard was lodged at Flacq District Council. However, the chairman of the District Council promised to send a team out there to see how to help these people. “Il faut savoir si c’est une route ‘classified’ ou pas qui tombe sous notre juridiction. Au cas contraire, il nous faudra informer la Road Development Authority. Je vais envoyer des inspecteurs sur place pour un constat,” says the chairman.

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