To Avenge A Police Officer: Ridwaan Invented A Kidnapping

Ridwaan O., 19 of age, went from the status of victim to that of accused in a kidnapping case after a thorough investigation by the CID from Port Louis South. Before the case, Ridwaan had alleged that he was kidnapped, abducted and assaulted by a police officer and his band.

After their investigation on Monday, police operating under the supervision of inspectors Poorecelan, Goolap and sergeant Dassaye, came to the conclusion that the sayings of Ridwaan were a complete fake story. To unmask him, the police relied on various testimonies and video recordings. A charge of “false and malicious denunciation in writing” should be held against the young man.

The staging of Ridwaan begins in the afternoon of Sunday 17th of April. That day, he telephoned his mother and uncle. In a desperate voice, he says he was kidnapped by a police officer by the name of Iftekar and his band. He says he was assaulted. Ridwaan said to his family that he was walking in Bell-Village when he was abducted and was boarded in a van.
He then told reporters that the officer that he had incriminated “inn bat mwa ar laraz, koudpwin, kout matrak. Linn pik mwa dan mo vant, ek linn bat mwa lor mo figir. Mo dir li aret taper, li dir mwa bliye si pa to pou rant to lakaz”.

Ridwaan said he was then taken to an abandoned house in Flic-en-Flac. Once there, his attackers made him helpless after beating him. “Deux personnes m’ont ligoté à une chaise. Zonn fer moi asiz zis lor feray-la. Zot ti atas mo lerin ek lakord et zonn blok lakord-la ek beton.”Alerted, the police arrested Iftekar the same day. He denied any involvement in the case.


Surveillance Video
Finally, on Monday afternoon, Ridwaan appeared at the police station of Petite-Riviere, with tape on the feet and hands. He argues that the kidnappers released him and left the area. He was transferred to hospital for treatment. For his part, the officer Iftekar spent three nights at Alcatraz where he was in custody. A provisional kidnapping charge was brought against him.

But gradually as the investigation progressed, the bloodhounds of the criminal police began to have doubts about the words of Ridwaan. Indeed, they find that the images from CCTV cameras installed in his house show that Ridwaan was home, at Camp Chapelon, at the time when he says he was abducted in Bell-Village. And thanks to their informants, investigators learned that the young man was seen near a guest house in Petite-Rivière the day of his alleged abduction.

To make things more clear, the men of Sergeant Dassaye went to this guest house. On site they viewed the CCTV recordings for Sunday and Monday.

Records show that Ridwaan was in the guest house premises at the time he claims to have been abducted. In addition, on Monday afternoon, the day “of his release by his kidnappers,” the young man was spotted fleeing the scene with tape to hands and feet. Questioned by the police about the presence of scotch, the owner of the guest house has hinted that he believed this was a new trend among youth. The manager said that Ridwaan stayed alone in his room.

Ridwaan was summoned to the central Barracks. Initially, he was confronted with video evidence that he was home at the time of the alleged facts. Nevertheless, the young man maintained that he made a mistake on the hour and maintained that “he has indeed been kidnapped, tortured and kept in their custody.” However, he ignored the fact that the police were also in possession of the records of the guest house.

Faced with these videos, he finally confessed that it was him that they saw on the videos. Asked about the reason for his lying, Ridwaan explained that he is not on good terms with the police Iftekar. In the past, he was verbalized by the officer, including “bearing offensive weapon.” A case that confirms the father of Ridwaan. “Sa de la, zot pa byen ar zot prosen.”
However, the father of Ridwaan said he was unaware that his son was lying. “Nous n’étions au courant de rien. Nous avons été traumatisés. Je l’ai cherché partout quand j’ai appris que mon fils s’est fait enlever. J’ai même endommagé ma voiture ce faisant,” tells the young man’s father.

Because of this story, the policeman Iftekar was banned from service. He says that the case “has disrupted his work and family life.”

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