[UPDATE] Theft At The State Bank Of Mauritius In Port Louis

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Theft At SBM Port Louis

Theft At SBM Port Louis

We received a call that many MILLIONS of rupees were taken away from the State Bank Of Mauritius this morning. The circumstances of the burglary still REMAIN unclear… The Police are already on the stage to know the exact time of the burglary and learn more about it. More details will be delivered in the upcoming editions. Stay tuned.


Cabinets and ATM of the State Bank at La Rue Royale resisted the robbers.

According to the exclusive information from Top Fm, thieves attempts to open chests with a torch were unsuccessful. Burglars have also attacked the ATM but this attempt also remained futile. An inventory is underway at the moment and there is a strong police presence on site. The reporter of TOP FM, Dhavin Kushma has been sending reports live from the SBM branch in Port Louis. It is said that it is the employees who made the first observation on Monday when they arrived at the office. Seeing the condition of the premises of the bank, the case was quickly reported to the police. The thieves allegedly broke into the State Bank in Port Louis on the night of Sunday to Monday. After the end of the inventory held at this time, SBM will issue a statement.

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