[SHOCKING] Midlands: A 37 years Old Woman Raped, Sodomized And Held By Her Husband For Four Months

She is a traumatized woman . Shamima (pseudonym) living at Midlands went through hell during her four months of marriage. Married since last December, she was able to leave her marital home on the 25th of April.

It is with great sadness that Shamima told us the story of her four-month marriage with Nahid. Orphan and widow, Shamima lived for ten years with her first husband. After his death, he decided to take refuge at her sister’s place in Midlands. “Mo pena mama, papa, personne, mo ena zis mo sœur, acoz sa même, quand mo missier ine mort, mo décide pou alle reste kot mo sœur Midlands,” she says. In December of last year, Shamima receives a marriage proposal from Nahid A. After a small hesitation, she finally accepted this request. Unfortunately, the happiness is short for Shamima. A few days after her marriage the ordeal of the victim begins. “Impe jours après mariage, mone coumance gagne maltraité, coumance gagne batté, Nahid tranglé moi tout,” says Shamima into tears.

She even received threats from her husband not to reveal anything about his physical attacks, otherwise things would degenerate for her. But she was wrong about her husband for the kind of inhuman acts, because for almost three months, she has not had any contact with her family, because every time she was sequestered in the house and she was allowed to go out only with her step mother. “Coumancement li ti pe amene moi quand li sorti, mais apres, tout ine changé, mo pas ti gagne droit sorti, mo reste zis dans lakaz,” says Shamima. The insults had become common for the victim. On several occasions, she was deprived of food. “Plusieurs fois quand mo ti pe mangé, li dire moi nek to bouré meme toi, zis sa meme ki to conné,” says Shamima. Not to be insulted, she consumed nothing in the house without any care from her in laws. For one week, the victim has consumed only water, and at some point, she felt a great weakness.

Deprived of her wedding gifts

The couple had carefully kept a sum of money received as gift at her wedding, but Shamima had no right to use her own money. In addition, “Mohar” (money given to the woman during the Nikah) was never given to Shamima. “Pas zis ki li pas donne moi mo l’argent « «Mohar », mais line prend tout mo l’argent cadeau mariage, jamais mone reussi servi sa pou moi, à chaque fois li prend li servi,” she says . Victim of violence in everyday life, she tells us that she was a victim of false imprisonment for more than three hours in the bathroom with the help of her stepmother. “Quand mo explique mo belle-mere ki mo gagne batté, jamais li pas prend moi aucaine compte, nek li dire moi ki nous missier-madame, demain nous pou vine ene sel nous, li pas pou rentre dans sa banne zaffaire la,” says the victim. On April 25, she decided to end her ordeal and manages to contact her sister. She asks the latter to help her escape from her in laws. Then she reveals the ordeal she has been living with her husband Nahid.


Sodomized and raped every week

The life of this young woman had become a routine. Each week, she was abused by her husband without being able to defend herself. Surrounded by her family, she gave full details about her horrible nights with her husband. On several occasions, she was sodomized. Each time, she was hurt. “Quand li faire sa avec moi, li blesse moi, li mette serviette dans mo la bouche, pou personne pas tanne moi, mone bien souffert avec sa, mais mo pas ti ena choix, mone bizin subir sa,” says Shamima. Accompanied by her relatives, she went to the Midlands police station last Monday where she filed a complaint against her ex-husband Nahid for sodomy. The next day, Tuesday, Nahid was arrested and brought to court.

Traumatized by the experience, Shamima was not out of the woods. While she hoped to have all the support from the police, she said being shocked by the behavior of a young policewoman assigned to the Midlands police station. The WPC Bud …. was very rude and even advised her not to go forward with the case. “Au lieu ki policiere la donne moi courage, li dire moi ki bizin faire tout sa zess la, li dire zotte pas ti reste ensam, pena pou faire tout sala, laisse Nahid alle tranquil,” says Shamima. The words of this young police officer who does not honor the police force traumatized her again when she accompanied her to the hospital in the forensic police. “Quand nous rentre l’hôpital, policière la dire moi ki to gagné, si to fol, si tout to fami fou fol, bé alle mental, ki faire zotte vine fatigue la tête dimoune ici,” declared the young police against her. Shamima and her relatives do not count to give up on it. They have to inform the police commissioner, Mario Nobin, of the attitude of this young policewoman.

Meanwhile, she is slowly recovering from her injury, surrounded by relatives and social workers who visited her often enough. Shamima was also examined by a psychologist.

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