Gro Derek Trial: The Judge Prithviraj Fekna In Favor Of Defense

The trial at the Assizes brought to Rudolf Derek Jean Jacques, said Gro Derek, and Wesley Bruno Casimir Monday, May 16 was marked by a decision made by the judge Prithviraj Fekna.

He granted the request of Mr. Alvin Jawaheer, Bruno Casimir lawyer who challenged the admissibility of an album of six pictures on 7 September 2012.

The judge Prithviraj Fekna found these pictures are inadmissible in court; arguing that Bruno Casimir has not been confronted with these pictures, and it violated his constitutional rights.

A sergeant assigned to the drug squad [ADSU] was called to the witness stand. He is a principal investigator of this case. Gro Derek is the subject of three drug trafficking charges between January and June 2012. While Bruno Casimir answers to two drug trafficking charges in March and April 2012.

Both men have pleaded not guilty. The lawyer Deepak Rutnah defends Gros Derek. While the prosecution is represented by Denis Mootoo Asha Ramano and Pamela Veerabadren.

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