[Terre Rouge] Three Youngsters Arrested In Possession Of Synthetic Drug And Heroin In A Car

Nice catch by the Special Squad of Terre-Rouge last Tuesday afternoon.

The men of chief inspector, Juman patrolled the main road of Terre Rouge and they spotted a suspicious car driving in town. They stopped the vehicle and inside, Ajay R, 23, P Dylan, 21, were sitting in the front, and Anouska K, 19, was installed on the back seat.

The three young people from Mare-La-Chaux, Mahébourg, were questioned about their presence in the region. The Hyundai was then subjected to a search. Officers found a bag near the gear lever which contained 10 grams of heroin and five grams of synthetic drugs all with a market value of Rs 170,000.

The young people were taken to the police station in Terre Rouge. They said to the police that they bought drugs for the purpose of resale. They were maintained in a cell. They will appear in court of Pamplemousses under an interim charge of drug trafficking this Wednesday.

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