[VIDEO] Rose-Belle: Syndy Jouhan Burnt With Boiling Water & Caustic Soda For Refusing To Join Her Partner In Bed

Syndy Jouhan, 35 of age and mother of two, is fighting against life and death. Her partner, drunk, has launched caustic soda and boiling water on her in the night of Monday to Tuesday.

According to the first elements of the investigation, Steve Rose, a resident of Rose Belle aged 37, wanted his partner to join him in bed quickly. But Syndy Jouhan was with her four years old son in another room because he was sick. A violent altercation broke out between the two cohabitants and the young woman was assaulted.

Writhing, Syndy Jouhan came out of the house. “Elle avait le nez en sang alors que son visage et son cou étaient brûlés, raconte une voisine, Martine Ravina, qui est tombée sur elle dans la rue. Je lui ai porté les premiers soins. Syndy m’a confié que son compagnon l’avait agressée.”

Watch video below:


The alleged assailant fled
Police in the village were alerted, while the alleged assailant fled. The woman was urgently taken to the burn unit of the Victoria Hospital in Candos. According to the medical staff, his condition is considered serious. A sentry is at his bedside since that last night, her partner was still on the loose.

Investigators inspected the house and seized a bottle of caustic soda. This was sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for analysis.

According to our information, Syndy Jouhan cohabiting with Steve Mason Rose since last year. They often quarreled, advance Martine Ravina “She was often a victim of domestic violence.” Since the attack, her children were cared for by their biological father.

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