[VIDEO] Rs. 100 Million Worth Of Heroin: Samantha Chowrimoothoo Charged For Drug Trafficking

Samantha Marie Chowrimoothoo Nadia, 25 of age, was provisionally charged for drug trafficking on Thursday, May 19, after the seizure of 5.5 kilograms of heroin, worth Rs 100 million, at her house in Residence Kennedy, Quatre-Bornes on Wednesday night.

The young woman was brought before the Court of Rose Hill during mid-day. She was then sent to the police custody following her appearance.


Samantha Marie Nadia Chowrimootoo is the wife of Curly Chowrimoothoo, currently serving a sentence of 25 years in prison.

Curly Chowrimoothoo and his brother Steve were convicted in July 2014 by judge Marie-Joseph Benjamin for drug trafficking. In May 2011, they were arrested at Kennedy residence, in possession of two sachets of 61.7 and 52.37 grams of ‘brown sugar’ which they intended to resell. The drug was then assessed at Rs 1 million.

Watch video below:


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