According Nando Bodha, it will be done as soon as the letter of his ministry will come to the police.
The Minister of Public Infrastructure responded to the antenna of Radio Plus Wednesday in our article published the same day. Drivers of vans in particular were against the violations inflicted by the police, according to the new regulations thumbnails.
“The violations will be canceled. “This is the assurance given by the police, said Nando Bodha. The Minister says that the tickets issued so far will be canceled once the letter of his ministry will reach the police.
During the day on Wednesday, many drivers have called our newsroom or intervened in the Xplik or K issue, questioning the fate of violations has drawn up the police. They are relieved by the minister’s statement.
As highlighted in our section, or Xplik K, Wednesday, May 18, drivers bemoaned a lack of coordination between the National Transport Authority (NTA) and the police (Traffic Branch). A breach causing many tickets – about their license plates and new imposed thumbnails – the drivers of contract nozzles and taxi drivers since March 1. Date supposed for entry into force of the amendments of regulations that affect these drivers.

Now, if the police was distributing tickets on the fly, these drivers were unaware that they were now in an illegal situation, these new regulations have not been any official communication to the public. In addition, the Department has planned a moratorium before the implementation of these new measures. “There will be a transition period for the license plates and other thumbnails. The moratorium period will be two months,” the minister said.
Before the minister’s intervention, the police was reluctant to cancel tickets paid. The answer of Shiva Coothen inspector when Radio Plus has asked him about it is that “The tickets can not be canceled. They are not illegal. A law came into force is the force of law, although the public has not been notified. There is no getting around it. I do not know where the problem and is responsible for the delay of the news release. ”
He added that police would discuss with officials of the NTA for all to, in his words, “their stories”. He emphasized that no moratorium included in the police documents.

“The law is the law”
Why does the NTA does not issued any statement about changing the law? Rajen Gungabissoon, head to the NTA, provided explanations on the air: “The normal practice is that an amendment to a law / regulation is published in the Government Gazette. Legitimately, when the police read the official press release, it applied the law. ‘The NTA has not issued a press release informing the public of the change and allow the person to comply.
According to Minister Nando Bodha, “NTA is responsible for certain measures”. “That’s the confusion: the police drew up tickets, while the Department has called for a moratorium before the entry into force of the measures,” he commented.

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