A Woman Follows Her GPS Blindly, The Car Ends Up In A Lake

Near Toronto, Canada, a woman followed to the letter that the GPS of her Toyota Yaris told her… Result: she and her car ended in a lake.

A Woman Blindly Follows Her GPS And Ends Up In A Lake

Many of the accidents of varying severity are associated with an overflow of confidence in ones GPS. The latest victim is a young Canadian. According to the Toronto Sun, while she was driving the night in the Ontario region, a region she did not know at all, the driver had a blind trust in her GPS. Moreover, it was raining a lot that night.

With no visibility and following the advice of her GPS, the woman finished in a lake. However, there was more fear than harm, because she came out totally unscathed thanks to the car that remained floated for a sufficient amount of time for the woman to escape.
”She’s just a little embarrassed, of course,” said a police spokesman. Also, the man said the victim was completely sober when the incident took place.

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