[VIDEO] Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck: «L’ancien gouvernement doit retourner au pouvoir»

The leader of the Party Malin came before Navin Ramgoolam during the PTr Congress in Rivière-des-Anguilles on Friday, 20th of May. Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck wants the old regime back in power.

Watch video below:


The congress of the Labour Party (PTr) in Rivière-des-Anguilles began at around 18: 30 pm on Friday, May 20. Those in the audience were waiting the arrival of PTr leader, Navin Ramgoolam with impatience.

Suddenly, some noise were heard in the hall and the audience believed that Navin Ramgoolam arrived. But, it’s a surprise guest who appeared.

It is Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck, leader of the Party Malin who appeared just before Navin Ramgoolam and this caused confusion among the speakers who believed that it was the PTr leader who made his entrance.

Navin Ramgoolam Shaking Hands With Dhnaraj Aubeeluck


Parti Malin At The Congres Of PTr

Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck entertained the audience in the crackling flashes of cameras. He even took a picture with the leader  of PTr, Navin Ramgoolam.

To return to Congress, Navin Ramgoolam, in his speech, has once again blasted the government. According to him “the Mauritian population is now living a nightmare.” He also spoke of the beginning of “social crisis”.

“Never has there been such a disastrous government since the country’s independence,” commented Navin Ramgoolam.

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