Administrative Reason: No Marriage For The Mauritian

Jennifer, the bride is disappointed.
Three years ago, they met at the Mauritian Open Air Festival in London. They wanted to get married in Mauritius. Alas…
Administrative reasons prevented Kevin, 28 years old, a resident of Quatre Bornes, and Jennifer, a Londoner of 25 years, to marry civilly on Tuesday, 17th of May.
Kevin moved in England for the past ten years, where he works on his own. He met Jennifer, manager of a private company three years go. “I asked Jennifer’s hand. My parents wanted us to get married in Mauritius,” Kevin said.
The couple come to Mauritius and engage in December 2015, the necessary procedures were done through the Prime Minister’s Office and deposit the Jennifer character certificate.
In late March 2016, Kevin learns at civil state that everything is in order. “I announced the good news to Jennifer’s parents. I called civil state to set a date in May 2016. An official said it could be on 18, “says Kevin.

Jennifer then returned to England to solicit a week off work. On 17th of May , relatives and she landed in Mauritius. On Monday, 16th of May, Kevin called civil marriage department to confirm that everything is in order. To his surprise, he was informed that the request was rejected. He, in fact, did not have meet the deadline of 90 days from the start of proceedings. “Zot dir depi 14 mars 2016, mo deman finn expire. Me le 31 mars, zot pa finn inform mwa sa detay la. Okontrer, zot ti dir mwa kouma mo fianse vini, amen li landemin pou fer maryaz sivil,” says Kevin.
For Jennifer, it’s a big disappointment because traveling to Mauritius have cost her a fortune. She is especially very embarrassed to have brought her family for nothing. She will have to wait for seven days to make a new civil marriage application and will leave for three months to return to marry in Mauritius. “I do not have the choice. I love Kevin and am ready to cross any obstacle,” she said.
They organized a religious ceremony on the 18th of May, 2016. Kevin will stay in Mauritius for the preparation of the civil marriage. “I don’t have the choice. I love Kevin and am ready to cross any obstacle,” he said.
” It’s the law… “
When asked, a civil registry official says that Kevin was informed that there was a period of three months (90 days) for civil marriage. “The deadline was on the 14th of March, 2016. We can not do anything. It’s the law,” said the official in a statement.

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