Two Thugs Arrested For Thefts “Nou Atak Zis Madam”

A motorcyclist and his accomplice who committed several thefts in the northern region were both put behind the police cell. Within an hour, more than ten robberies were reported on Monday.

The officers of the Field Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the criminal brigade of the Northern Division and the Emergency Response Service (ERS) quickly escalated an operation. The two suspects are James Bruno Wesley Sanssouci (36), a resident of Roche-Bois, and Rudy Kinsley Jouanito Carver (36), a resident of Baie-du-Tombeau.

Between 1 PM and 2PM, ten cases of robbery were committed in Bois-Pignolet, d’Epinay, Montagne-Longue and Rivière-du-Rempart. The two suspects were targeting women especially. The sleuths of the ERS patrolling in Rivière-du-Rempart saw the two men flee after attacking a woman. They then informed the police of Piton.

The men of sergeant Seewoochursing of the FIU have found the suspects in D’Epinay. While they were being chased, they fell and were injured. Twelve gold chains, a batana, three mobile phones, 11 car keys and a sum of Rs 850 were recovered. The motorcyclist was in possession of a knife. False number plates were found. They told investigators that they had stolen the motorcycle in Vacoas on April 23 and modified it.

“Azordi mem nou finn kokin tousala dan boucoup landrwa. Nou pe tras enn lavi. Nou pa finn agres personn. Nou finn atak zis bann madam,” they confessed.

The two suspects were taken to the SSRN hospital where they are admitted. They will soon appear before the court of Pamplemousses under a provisional charge of robbery.

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