[VIDEO] Eau Bouille Crime: Relatives Mourn The Loss Of Vidhi

The relatives of Vidhi Bumma are inconsolable. They mourn the loss of this young mother strangled before being burned by her husband, who admitted having committed the crime during investigation.

READ MOREHer Husband admitted having committed the crime to investigators

Vidhi married Mithunsing Bumma eight years ago and the couple, who has two children aged 7 years old (boy) and 8 years old (girl) respectively, had a marital problem according to relatives.

Kajal, the sister of the victim, alleged that Vidhi had been a victim of domestic violence.

It is a farmer who discovered the charred corpse of the victim on a wasteland in Eau Bouille On Sunday, May 22.

READ MOREA Farmer Discovers The Body Of A Woman Being Burnt

Mithunsing Bumma is a 34 years old bus driver that has been provisionally charged with murder in the court of Moka on Monday. He remains in police custody. He said to investigators that he acted in a fit of anger because his wife provoked him that day.

Watch video below:


Latest Statement of Mithunsing Bumma

Before his appearance in court, Mithunsing Bumma was subjected to an investigation by the men of the inspector, Vishall Cowlessur. For over a year, Vidhi has been deceiving her husband, according to the suspect. “Elle avait un amant. Je suis tombé des nues quand j’ai découvert des messages intimes sur son téléphone. Elle s’en prenait souvent à moi, en me débitant toutes sortes d’injures. Li sorti kan li anvi e li rant tar lakaz. Monn manz mo kou monn res trankil,” Mithunsing said.

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