Pretending To Be Fishermen: Two Offenders Arrested

They were wanted for more than a week after several cases of theft were reported in the region of Le Goulet. Michael Begue and Franco François, both living in Baie-du-Tombeau, were arrested on Monday by the Criminal Investigation Division of Terre-Rouge after a police operation.

Two offenders sowed terror in the region of Le Goulet for the past three weeks. They attacked people by threatening them with knives. After getting information that the two men will be back into action on Monday, the sleuths of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Terre-Rouge, under the supervision of the inspector Rajesh Ramdhony, carried out an operation in Le Goulet.

They observed the actions of the two offenders who were already there and posed as fishermen. At a point, the two suspects approached two foreign couples menacingly. Without delay, the police rushed to the scene towards the two thugs. Armed with knives, the two offenders tried to escape. Franco Francis who was about to jump into the water was hold by the police.

As for his accomplice Michael Begue, he tried to escape by swimming. The sergeant and the constable Poress Purgass, Seetohul, Neelamber and Jugdeep Beekun all jumped into the water. They finally got their hands on Michael Begue after a few hundred meters. The suspects were taken to the premises of the CID of Terre Rouge. After a lengthy interrogation, they confessed their offences.

They were identified by three of their alleged victims, including a Chief Executive Officer who was attacked on May 17. The latter was wounded in the hand while he was defending himself against the criminals. The thieves took away a bag of jewelry, a book, a pair of gloves and fishing equipment, all valued at Rs 50,000, from him.

On Saturday, May 21 the two offenders robbed a young couple at Le Goulet. They went with items valued at Rs 30,000.

After their interrogation, the two suspects were detained. They appeared in Pamplemousses court on Tuesday after spending a night in cell. A temporary charge of robbery with violence has been brought against them. The police objected to their release on parole and they were sent back to the police cell.

The investigation is supervised by SP Callee and Gunga and ACP Vinod Domah.

Suspect arrested for possession of edged weapon
During the operation, the police arrested another individual who was in possession of a sharp weapon. His name is Christophe Meunier and is a resident of Baie du Tombeau. He could not give a plausible explanation to investigators about the weapon and placed in custody. On Tuesday, he was provisionally charged with possession of an offensive weapon and was sentenced to pay a fine.

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