[VIDEO] Sanjay Luchmun Guilty For Having Burnt His Companion Alive

Sanjay Luchmun, a former bus conductor will learn his fate on Wednesday, May 25. He was convicted at the Assizes on Tuesday, May 24 by the jury by a majority of 8 against 1 for the murder of his concubine, Santee Okil.

Sanjay Luchmun pleaded not guilty at his trial that took place before the Judge Benjamin Marie-Joseph. He was defended by Me Rama Valayden, Sandilen Calliapen and Krishna Sawoo while the prosecution was represented by Abdool Raheem Tajoodeen and Nitisha Seebaluck.

“Mo inosan dan sa case-la. Depi sa problem-la finn arive mo finn vinn depresif. Monn perdi mo travay ek mo pa kapav affront piblik,” said Sanjay Luchmun in the dock on Wednesday, May 18.

Watch video below:

Sanjay Luchmun was prosecuted before the criminal court for burning his companion Santee okil. The crime occurred on March 8, 2009 in Beau Bassin.

It was in tears that Sanjay Luchmun returned on the death of Santee okil: “Mo’nn viv ek Shyama (Santee Okil) pandan 9 an. Ti ena bann o ek bann ba, me nou ti byen ansam. Mo sagrin boukou pou so lamor. Mo espere so nam pe repoz an pe devan bondie.”


“Mo pe soufer depi set’an et de mwa, depi ki Shyama finn ale. Mo mank li boukou. Shyama ti enn bon dimounn. Li’nn desede dan bann sirkonstans sagrinan,” said the accused.

Sanjay Luchmun also talked on his relationship with his step-son, Sandeep Gones, whom he says he loves like his own son, “Mo konsider li kouma mo garson. Mo kone li enn zanfan inosan. Ena lezot kiksoz deryer sa.”

Sandeep Gones, who presents himself as an eyewitness of the tragedy, filed a statement against Sanjay Luchmun on May 17.

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