[VIDEO BUZZ] When Roshi Badain Kisses The Hand Of Pravin Jugnauth

Roshi Bhadain could not contain his happiness after his leader, Pravin Jugnauth heard the judgment in his favor on Wednesday.

Indeed, in his speech Anerood Jugnauth responded to critics who called him a part-time Prime minister. “Full time results !,” Roshi Bhadain launched. Rajesh Bhagwan then reacted to him, “Taler to pou al ambras lame laba !”

A general hubbub fills the chamber. The Speaker tried to restore order. “Order KGB to order !,” Launched Berenger. Even the Prime Minister asked his minister colleagues to shut up: “Allez, assez…” But Rajesh Bhagwan added “Eh, mo pa Lutchmeenaraidoo mwa ein !”

Upon resumption, Roshi Bhadain raise a point of order regarding the “threat” from the member of the MMM. He explains that he very seriously took the comments of the Opposition Whip and he feels threatened. Rajesh Bhagwan then said he spoke of killing the minister “politically” but agreed to withdraw his remarks. An intervention that entertained the Speaker.

The incident also included a clash between Shakeel Mohamed and Maya Hanoomanjee, the latter accusing the MP for insinuating that she needed a hearing aid that Shakeel Mohamed denied. The Speaker replied: “I’ll be very careful to what is Being Said in the house! ” This causes a replica of Paul Bérenger: ” It’s A Beginning! ”

Watch video below:



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