He Is Bitten On His Sex By A 3 meters Python In The Toilet

Attaporn Boonmakchuay, a Thai of 38 years did not see the Python of 3 meters coming while sitting in the toilet. The snake that crossed the pipes suddenly arise under him. He was bitten on the sex by the reptile who would not let go despite his screams. He was finally able to get away by pressing with all his force the jaw of the reptile and opening its mouth. He was helped by his wife and a neighbor who brought a knife and some string. After a few minutes, the animal finally let go.

“I struggled. I called my wife and she went for the neighbor. It took about a minute for them to arrive. And suddenly, while I had him, it began to shake less harder. I spread its mouth with my hand. The reptile let go,” he told from the bed in the hospital.

Watch video below:



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