SSS Bambous (Boys): Two Students Attacked Their Teachers

Convicted of acts of indiscipline, they were suspended by the management of the school last week. Except that these two students in the pre-vocational sector (Pre Voc) of SSS Bamboo Boys College do not see it that way. And earlier this week, they landed inside the college and started messing. The police had to intervene.

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Les élèves n’ont pas pris en considération les directives du collège. En arrivant à l’école, ils s’en sont pris aux enseignants,” says one staff in the areas concerned. It is argued that students have threatened to damage the vehicles parked in the yard of the property.

Overtaken by events, the school administration has been forced to make an appeal to the police. “La police a dû intervenir pour calmer les esprits car les élèves ne respectaient pas du tout l’administration du collège,” they emphasized.

The Ministry of Education has confirmed the incidents and states that an investigation is underway. “Les élèves bénéficient d’un suivi psychologique,” they argued.

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