Gunshots In The Direction Of French Embassy And St-Georges Hotel: Three Suspects Wanted

Three people are actively sought by the police after the shootings on the Embassy of France in Port-Louis and the St. George Hotel. The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday 30th of May between 2  and 3 AM precisely.

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The images of the surveillance camera of the French Embassy showed a man wearing a cap writing slogans on the wall at 2:39 AM. And the shots were heard shortly after.

Three shots were fired: two to the front of the Embassy of France and the other on the bay window of the St George Hotel. Two-weapons of caliber 12 and 16 were used, probably shotguns.

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The shooting occurred soon after the individual in the hood finished his graffiti on the wall surrounding the embassy of France. Several messages were written there, including “Vous n’êtes plus en sécurité ici.” These inscriptions are also advocating terrorism, and Islamic State in particular.

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But why the suspects also targeted the St Georges Hotel, located a few meters from the Embassy of France. It is still a mystery for now.

The staff of the police liaised on Monday afternoon. Three suspects are being sought. However, no indication of their identity is available for the time being.

The bullets were sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) for analysis purposes.

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