How A Man Who Has Both Wrists Cut Could Savagely Attacked His ‘Friend’?

Attack on Anish Roopeer: The attacker would be none other than Aslam Noursing who has  got severed wrists!

Aslam Noursing is accused of brutally assaulting his ‘friend’, Anish Roopeer last Sunday night around 8 PM!

How a man who has both wrists cut could savagely attacked his ‘friend’? To try to understand, back to square one.

They were five friends, including Aslam Noursing and Anish Roopeer to go to Blue Bay on Sunday for a drinking party. After drinking a lot of alcohol, the five friends decided to go home and it was Aslam Noursing who drove them back. The other three occupants of the car claimed that the driver, despite his two severed wrists, has managed to drive safely.

Drunk, Anish Roopeer fell asleep in the car annoying Aslam Noursing. The latter, after several failed attempts to wake his friend, started to get nervous. He then stopped the vehicle at Plaisance and pushed Anish Roopeer on the asphalt before beating him with his feet and elbows.

The victim was unable to defend himself because he was totally under the influence of alcohol.

The three other friends alleged that they could not control Aslam Noorsing, and decided to report the matter to the police by foot.

Meanwhile, Aslam Noursing left his friend on the road after assaulting him. He then took the vehicle and headed towards Rose-Belle where the vehicle hit a wall.

The police identified him as the driver of the vehicle at that time. He later refused to take an alcohol breath test.

Anish Roopeer was then admitted to the Rose-Belle Hospital. He was seriously injured on several parts of his body, but he is out of danger.

The police expect him to completely come to his senses so that they can take a statement from him. Following this, Aslam Noursing could be charged with rogue and vagabond.

Remember, Aslam Noursing was assaulted on the evening of March 1 at Bananes. He went there to tow a vehicle and he was attacked by several individuals and had his wrists severed.

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While police has not still shed light on this first assault, he is now involved in another incident and this time in the shoes of the accused … Stay tuned!

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