Gunshots At The French Embassy: The House Of Nadeem Edoo Raided

Police conducted a search on Wednesday afternoon, June 1st at the house of Nadeem Edoo in Pamplemousses concerning the shots fired at the Embassy of France and St. George hotel early Monday morning 30th of May.

The raid came after police made a list of firearms owners, whose caliber corresponds to that of the weapons used to fire at St Georges hotel.

The same exercise was conducted by the police on Tuesday, May 31, where three firearms were verified. However, nothing suspicious was found in this case.

Nadeem Edoo, in a statement to the reporter Al Khizr Ramdin on Radio Plus, says he has two guns of caliber .12 and .16. He further states that both weapons are duly registered with the authorities.

Nadeem Edoo says he has nothing to do with the gunshots against the Embassy of France and the St. George Hotel, and confirms that the police conducted an audit of his weapons.

Nadeem Edoo was arrested in December 2, 2015 as part of the reopening of the investigation into the shooting at Gorah-Issac streetin Plaine-Verte that made three dead in October 26, 1996.

Nadeem Edoo was suspected of having supplied weapons to members of the deceased death squad, responsible for the shooting of the Gorah-Issac Street. But the provisional charge of which he was subject was dropped on Friday, April 22 by the court in Port Louis, for lack of evidence.

Two shots were fired in the direction of the Embassy of France in Port-Louis. There was also a shot on the bay window of the St. George Hotel, located almost opposite. Two weapons of .12 and .16 caliber were used, probably shotguns.

Graffiti were discovered on the perimeter wall of the embassy of France. Several messages were written there, including “Vous n’êtes plus en sécurité ici.” These inscriptions are also advocating terrorism, and Islamic state in particular.

No injuries were reported. The staff of the police liaised on Monday afternoon, 30th of May. No indication is available for the time on the identity of the suspects.

The Central CID oversees the investigation in accordance to several police units.

5 PM: Nadeem Edoo comes to the central barracks where he was interrogated in the presence of his lawyer Imtihaz Mamoojee, in the office of the CID Port Louis.
5:19 PM: The two guns possessed by Nadeem Edoo are examined by investigators, according to the reporter Nasif Joomratty who is on site.
6 PM: The hearing continued in the presence of his lawyer Imtihaz Mamoojee. Nadeem Edoo categorically denies being involved in the shooting at Saint-Georges hotel. He tells investigators what he did on the night of Sunday to Monday, May 30, including a fishing trip, according to the reporter Nasif Joomratty.
7 PM: The hearing of Nadeem Edoo continues in the presence of his lawyer Imtihaz Mamoojee, according to the reporter Nasif Joomratty.

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